Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amelia's Video Reflection

This is my Video Reflection Filmed by Juliette

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear Mum & Dad.

Remember when you were kids and you wanted something so bad that you begged and begged to your parents till you got it, well this is what I am going to do if you do not give me an allowance. Plus it would be so much easier if I had one I would not always be harrising you about giving me money!!!

I think I should get paid $5 a week, the reason I think that is because there are heaps of jobs I could do and I would stop asking you for money every second. The jobs I could do are: Pull all the curtains in the morning, and shut the all the curtains at night. Fold the washing, wash the dishes, dry the dishes, put the rubbish out, cook dinner, clean my room, gardening, empty the dish washer or fill up the dish washer. That is a lot of jobs to do!!!

I know you would think I wouldn’t do my Chores then I would ask for my Allowance but there is a way to solve it… One of the ways to solve is if I could have a ticker chart a ticker chart works like this…. I have a chart full of days I have to do my jobs if I do not do my jobs on all of those days I lose half of my Allowance unless I do 3 extra jobs. Also if have done my job you get a tick and if you have done it really well you get a star beside it so you also get a little treat as well.

What would I spend the money on? Easy. It wouldn’t always be lollies. I could save up for something big like a laptop so I don’t have to wait till I stop biting my nails (that will never happen). I could bye Birthday presents for my friends, When I go to the mall with friends I buy things I want.

Just think what is so wrong in giving me an allowance, it would give you much more time to relax. I would be busy so much more. That’ why I think I should get an Allowance.

Pretty Please
From Amelia

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is my Gymnastics Certificate

I had a lot of fun in gym, and i tried really hard.
I also learnt a lot of things that I did not know how to do last year. Things i want to practice on is doing a straddle jump over a box. I really enjoyed doing things on the tramp and swinging on the bars.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Term 4 Goals

My 1st school goal is to make sure I am always trying to make sure I am on top of my learing.
The reason I am doing this goal is because I am normally not on top of my learning because I do not understand something or I am just struggling with how long it is so I need to make sure I have timebased my work well.
I will achieve this bye making a chart of my non nigotables and I will cross them out once I have finished them.
I will know I have achieved this goal once I know I am on top of my learning and I will ask the teacher if I do not understand something.

My 2nd school goal is to try and make sure I do not do all my work on the computer.
The reason I am doing this goal is because I always try and get the computer to do my work so a lot of the time others do not get to work on the computer. And I want others to be able to work on the computer not just me.
I will achieve this bye writing a not on my desk so everytime I have a computer I will see that I am not supposed to always have a computer and give it to someone else.
I will know I have achieved this goal once I know that I have not done a lot of things on the computer and my desition with working on the computer will not always be yes.

My 1st Home goal is to make sure I practise my maths and do my homework every night I am able to.
The reason I am doing this goal is because sometimes when I do my homework I leave it to the last minute and I am having a bit of trouble with the maths we are learning right now.
I will achieve this bye putting up reminders and having a checklist so I can tick it every night I have done my homework.
I will know I have achieved this goal once I am not asking for extentions or not leaving it to the last minute.

I will have achieved all my goals by the end of Term 4

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I think i need to work on my goals a bit more because i am starting to forget what they are. I think i need to start concentrating a bit more on doing them.

I think iam getting neater but i don't have a pen licence

I am trying hard to concentrate more on concntrating on my work and i am not as far behind on my work as i was last term.

I am still going for a walk twice a week but i have sort of stopped doing it with a friend so i have decided to do it with my mum.

So i think i might email them to myself so i can read over them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Alone in the Forest
By Amelia
Team 14, Fendalton School
March 2007

Have you ever been alone in the forest hearing noises coming across, lifeless birds and lifeless bugs?

Yippee! The day of the orienteering came. Nine o’clock Tuesday 6th of March Hamner Springs Forest Camp. Group A was really excited, we all couldn’t wait. Eventually we got there and Kelly and John got to drive and of course we had to walk. Kelly and John told us the rules, we had to follow the sun if we were lost, we were only allowed on the tracks and Kelly told us how to read the maps. John told us what the clues looked like. We all got into groups of four and my group was Ju, Naomi, You Bin and I. We had a really good group then we took off ready for sprinting.

The first clue we found was easy it was just straight ahead. The next clue we found the other group was looking for it too. I saw the second one but we had to try make sure the others didn’t see it so we acted. Our group had to try and make out that we didn’t know where it was, it was hard because we all wanted to crack up laughing, but we didn’t. We had to look in different spots so that other group wouldn’t know where the clue was we were really bad at acting but they didn’t find the clue so that was good. We ran out and wrote the number down. It was really hard.

Later we had got a lot of points we saw some old people and they thought we were at Hamner camp school but we told them that we were on camp at Hamner forest camp doing orienteering. They were really nice. Then we saw some steps that we had to go down they were really steap!!! Annabell went off because she had a bike and she could not go down the steap steps but we did. We didn’t find the clue that quick it was quite hard. But we found it beside a small cliff.

After that we tried to find our way to our next clue we got lost. Somehow we started talking about what if a wild pig popped out of know where and jumped on us!!! Suddenly when we were walking we saw this log going over the stream we were thinking about crossing it but we thought it might be to slippery so we decided not to. We found three bridges that was where the next clue was supposed to be, but we were looking for quite a while so we felt like going to feel the temperature of the water it was FREEZING!!! Then we started to head back but we were still looking for the clues. We got lost on the way back to camp. We found a lot of answers. Our group had 420 points.

On the map it said there would be a clue around were we were standing we found it but it was hidden in a bush it gave us 50 points we were really happy.

We sprinted down the track back to the meeting place we were still looking for the clues. Suddenly we saw one just sitting there next to a dryed up moody old pond. Which gave us 10 points. My group jetted back we were 20 minutes late but we didn’t find any within that 20 minutes which was good because if we did than we would of lost those points that we found in that 20 miutes.

Our group ended up with and great number 480 pionts we won out of everyone in the camp we were egsausted. You bin Ju Naomi and I had heaps of fun we would really like to do it again. Group a started to head back to have some food!!!